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Demolition Services for Your Next Remodeling Project

Have springtime's warmer temperatures allowed you to finally start planning that renovation or remodeling project? If there's demolition involved, it's a good idea to hire a professional demolition company, rather than attempting to take down any unwanted walls or structures on your own. Demolition contractors have the training and skill to provide fast and efficient demolition while also maintaining a safe work site. Hiring a demolition contractor is also the best way to avoid collateral damage to your property during the demolition process. 

In and around Chicago, you can count on the demolition contractors at DEM Services, Inc. to meet all of your needs. Because we're also environmental hazard specialists, you can feel especially secure choosing us for demolition services. Imagine taking down a wall only to discover it's riddled with contaminants like mold, lead, or asbestos! With DEM Services, Inc. on the job, you can trust that removal of hazardous materials will be handled properly, ensuring your continued health and safety. 

We have more than 18 years of experience, and we're a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition company. We'll give you the assistance you need to move your renovation or remodeling project forward in a timely fashion. Don't waste another day fretting about DIY demolition! Call (708) 928-5224 to speak with a pro at DEM Services, Inc. right away.