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Mercury Disposal to Keep Your School or Hospital Safe

Do you manage a school, hospital, or other large commercial facility? One of the things you need to keep in mind as far as ensuring the safety of everyone who uses your building is avoiding high levels of mercury on the premises. Common items from thermostats to gas meters to fluorescent lights can contain mercury, and amateur removal or replacement of these items can lead to that hazardous mercury contaminating the space. Luckily, DEM Services, Inc. is standing by to carry out expert mercury disposal. We're the Chicago area's licensed, bonded, and insured choice for hazardous waste removal, and we're just a phone call away! 

Thanks to our 18 years of experience performing mercury disposal, we'll be able to swiftly and safely handle your mercury problem, no matter how widespread the issue has become. We'll assess the scope of the situation using EPA-approved mercury testing equipment, and then we'll clear away all traces of mercury from your site. We won't leave without going through the mercury testing process one more time to ensure that we got the job done right.

In and around Chicago, you can't beat our hazardous waste removal services. Get in touch today at (708) 928-5224 to learn more, and to book your appointment.